Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Feminism & Controlled Democracy

Posted by on July 03, 2017

The feminist "narrative"; It is not truth, and it is not the way forward.

By Corrine Barraclough



When Yassmin Abdel-Magied posted on Anzac Day she chose seven little words very carefully. She wrote, “Lest. We. Forget. (Manus, Naura, Syria, Palestine)'”.

They were seven words that spoke volumes about respect - or lack of.

Last week, she rattled out many words on Twitter announcing her comeback into the debating arena. Of all the words she wrote in her series of tweets there is one that is vitally important to note. We should all keep it front of mind every time anyone from the ABC opens their mouth.

“If I stay silent, then ‘they’ win,” Abdel-Magied wrote on Twitter. “Then others get to define the narrative.”

There it is; the singularly most important word from this camp.


Considering feminists have so much to say about power and control, they certainly are obsessed with power and control, aren’t they?

Nothing rattles these obsessives more than losing control of the narrative or outside voices daring to speak the truth.

When did it become the mainstream media’s role to control the narrative at all?

When did it stop being about the role of informer and become elevated to self-appointed educator?

Who approved the script?

It is the word “narrative” that explains why director of The Red Pill, Cassie Jaye was treated so appallingly on both The Project and Sunrise.

To use Abdel-Magied’s words, “If I stay silent, then ‘they’ win. Then others get to define the narrative.”

Cassie Jaye dared to challenge the rancid feminist narrative that we’re all being force-fed. Heaven forbid ‘they’ win.

She dared to challenge the fiction that many now live and breathe as fact; that women are innocent victims and men are evil perpetrators. No, don’t dare to point out that we’re all human beings.

Of course that makes women like Cassie Jaye dangerous. She has not sat down in the allocated aisle in the theatre of power of control. Instead, she’s walked to the side, turned on the lights and revealed what’s really going on in the room.

It’s the word “narrative” that fuels the Our Watch Awards that reward journalists for sticking to the anti-men script.

Watch The Red Pill and you’ll understand how the saturating narrative peddles the three key control components of feminism: androphobia, misandry and gynocentrism.

Our government, institutions, schools and the mainstream media, have embraced all of these. This is a balance that must be addressed.

The crucial question is, which politician is strong enough to begin the process?

The anti-men narrative that Abdel-Magied, the ABC and MSM in general want to keep peddling isn’t equality, it’s not truth and it’s not the way forward.


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