Where DO Men Turn For Support?

Posted by on July 10, 2017

“Blokes Advice saved my life”

By Corrine Barraclough



There is a male suicide crisis in Australia. There is, specifically, a suicide crisis in the construction industry, which I wrote about in a column earlier this week.

Men who see no way forward are being lost to suicide and many more left with serious injuries after suicide attempts. It left me wondering, where do desperate men turn for advice?

Blokes Advice is a Facebook group that control freak feminists with ridiculous agendas had closed down last year. It’s now back, and forced to be a private group because some feminist lobbyists have nothing better to do with their time than try to stop men bonding and supporting each other. Sigh.

“Yes, we have lots of guys in the construction industry on our page,” founder of Blokes Advice Facebook group, Brock Paulke tells MLO. “One guy got in touch this weekend desperate for help. He’d got a text from his girlfriend telling him to ‘go kill himself’. He was kicked out of their house so we found him somewhere to stay and gave him enough money to get by. We hear these stories all the time. All of Blokes Advice’s work starts from the very first post when blokes reach out. Within minutes members offer each other support, somewhere to stay, cars… It’s incredible having a network of members all over Australia. We have 465,000 members now. Yes, we’ve met with One Nation advisors. They seem to be the only party that understand the issues facing men.”

The page is intended to help blokes - and that doesn’t discriminate.



“Blokes Advice saved my life”

So, while the cupcakes are being handed around again on Planet Feminism, I spoke to a guy whose desperately trying to rebuild his life…

“I started using heroin at the age of 16,” he says. “I started with a group of friends and pretty much had a twenty-year heroin addiction.

I moved away from my hometown and my friends to give myself a chance at a fresh start.

I’ve now been off it for three years. I’m on methadone.

I was arrested on an outstanding warrant for possession. After I appeared in court, it ran in the local paper. I lost my job. I had no income.

I was unemployed for 12 months. I didn’t know what to do with myself. A friend mentioned Blokes Advice.

I’ve got track marks on my arm from using; I know that makes people uncomfortable. My first post on the Blokes Advice page was asking what would be a good tattoo to cover them up. I’m three years off it now and don’t want the constant reminder.

My post got over 2,000 comments. I received hundreds of messages of encouragement. ‘You’re doing the right thing’, ‘keep going’, they told me. I can’t even express how much of a boost it was for me. I left all my friends behind to make a fresh start and try my absolute hardest to quit a substance I knew was ruining my life.

Blokes Advice for me has been all about mateship. They’re all volunteers, they have good hearts and I don’t know where I’d be without them to be honest.”


“I wanted out of life – then I found BA”

Another BA member tells MLO, “What happened to me as a child was pretty horrendous; abuse was physical and emotional. I was battling my own demons, they wouldn’t be quiet. When you’ve had my past, you don’t trust anyone. You do it hard and you feel like you’re alone in the world. BA has really changed my perspective on things. On days when I really crash and hit rock bottom, I turn to the page and find someone who needs help more than me. Guys genuinely help guys here. For many, that’s a bond that can be hard to find in real life.”


* Blokes Advice is a private and closed Facebook group (invitation only) which currently has 465,000 members.


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