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Why left-wing violence is on the rise (PLUS David Leyonhjelm, Bernard Gaynor & more)


Tonight, I take on the dreadful rise of left-wing political violence, then talk to Sen...

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What's gone wrong with the mainstream media


The Mainstream Media...

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Why Queen’s Birthday Honours Missed Australia’s Best


Tonight on Mark Latham’s Outsiders: The Queen’s Birthday Honours list is announced, and ...

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8 Ways to Fight Back Against Radical Islamic Terrorism


On tonight's show I announce an exciting new partnership with Ezra Levant's fro...

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Episode 8


On this episode we have Daisy Cousens and Claire Lehmann discussing Left-feminism, Islamic seg...

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Episode 7


Discussing fake Iranian refugees, Alan Joyce Pie-face and Bernard Gaynor’s free speech battle....

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