This is what left feminists are teaching men

Posted by on January 19, 2018


By Corrine Barraclough

The left media’s response to the trashing of Aziz Ansari this week has been laughably revealing.

The Guardian described it as a “missed opportunity”.

Yes, apparently ruining someone life because a woman regrets a sexual encounter is now a “missed opportunity”.

Other leftist media insisted that those saying it had derailed the #metoo movement had “missed the point”. Please, tell us again how much schooling we need…

In reality, those pushing this man-hating agenda are the ones missing the point.

Left feminists are teaching men that it’s not worth the risk of associating with feminists.

Why have sex and take the chance that you’ll be hauled up in court or trial by media afterwards?

Why risk defamation?

Why risk loss of income, reputation, relationships, family and respect?

We do not have sexual equality.

A woman holds all the power.

A woman can sleep with whomever she likes and then chose the label and consequences.

Regret is the new definition of rape.

For leftist journalists to then hop on the spiteful bandwagon writing, “The poorly reported Aziz Ansari expose was a missed opportunity,” reveals what their reporting is all about.




A New York Times opinion piece asserted, “The notion of affirmative consent did not fall from space in October to confound well-meaning but bumbling men; it was built, loudly and painstakingly and in public, at great personal cost to its proponents, over decades. If you’re fretting about the perceived overreach of #MeToo, maybe start by examining the ways you’ve upheld the stigmatization of feminism. Nuanced conversations about consent and gendered socialization have been happening every single day that Aziz Ansari has spent as a living, sentient human on this earth. The reason they feel foreign to so many men is that so many men never felt like they needed to listen. Rape is a women’s issue, right? Men don’t major in women’s studies.”

No, Clementine Ford, this is not “splendid”.

Saying “we tried to warn you” reveals your intent for the entire world to see. How often have you told us that intention is key? See, we were listening; we just digested your ideology differently.

The left has marched with intent through institutions, the justice system and the media. You have taken every “opportunity” you could no matter whose life was trashed in the process.

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