The malevolent influence of Women’s Studies

Posted by on April 26, 2017

Mark Latham is doing a great job revealing how multiculturalism in Australia is failing so dismally to promote a cohesive society.

How about we look at another divisive element splitting our society - feminism and the proliferation of women’s studies courses in universities across Australia? If we want to improve the lives of men and boys in this country, if we want to break down the growing mistrust between men and women, then we need to do something about the misinformation and anti-male propaganda taught in these courses.

It’s about time people here started to get the courage to speak out about what is going on in our universities. Across the world there are eminent women, leading academics exposing the biased claptrap being taught in such courses. Here’s Christina Hof Sommers, former philosophy professor and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, speaking to Scott London about the influence of Women’s Study courses:

“Well, I do worry about a new generation of feminists who have been given a lot of misinformation. They are on every college campus and are now out in the community. Maybe ten percent of 18-24 year old women are very angry people, intoxicated with hatred, believing that maleness is synonymous with violence. Now, this is not true, but they have been fed these statistics.” Hof Sommers says adding that dangerous misinformation given out in women’s studies courses is repeated and reinforced in textbooks, popular texts, newspapers and social media.

Here is Hof Sommers writing in Time magazine about popular myths promoted in women’s studies courses.

Janice Fiamengo, who is speaking at the International Men’s Issues Conference (ICMI) on the Gold Coast in June, is a professor of English at Ottawa University.  Fiamengo argues that Women's Studies programs have no more place at a university than voodoo or yogic flying because these courses are not about knowledge. They are about theories of oppression and resistance, often promoting a range of different kinds of feminist, Marxist, queer, post-colonial, eco-critical and other theories which are never up for debate but presented as essential truths.

Women’s Studies has devolved into an intellectually incoherent and dishonest discipline replacing a callow set of slogans for real thought, says Fiamengo. It’s man-hating, anti-Western and fundamentally illiberal. Here is Fiamengo speaking on “What’s Wrong with Women’s Studies”.

Yet it is possible to fight back against this nonsense. In 2012 a Norwegian Gender Institute was closed down after Norwegian state television broadcast a documentary in which the unscientific character of the institute and its ideological, non-evidence based research was exposed. See Nordic countries defund gender ideology.

So if we are going to start to tackle this issue in Australia how about we start with some naming and shaming? Exposing what these feminist academics are teaching in Australian Women’s Studies courses? Or gender studies courses – don’t be fooled by the change of title. The name change is just a sneaky move pretending these courses offer a broader view of gender issues – the reality is these courses are dominated entirely by feminist theory.

Overseas there have been a bunch of students now videotaping and exposing the contents of these courses. Take a look at Canadian activist Lauren Southern who, back in 2015, deliberately enrolled in a women’s studies course to examine what was being taught. Here’s a brief extract from one of the podcasts she made about the course and some of her related activities:  [video_popup url="" text="Southern on Women’s Studies" auto="yes"]

Ok people. Now’s your chance to get involved. We want people attending such courses to send in brief videos giving choice examples of the nonsense being taught. We’ll post some of these on the Outsider’s website and include some in upcoming shows. Please give us the names of the lecturers and the universities. We’d like videos showing and recording material in the lectures or tutorials and you can also just talk about the contents as Southern has done, if you prefer.

University authorities across the country are targeting young male students who get into trouble for singing bawdy songs or behaving in ways the feminists find offensive.  Let’s see how the universities react when the intellectually dishonest, dangerous nonsense they are teaching in Women’s Studies starts to be exposed.

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