The Australian Senator Who Says Islamic State Can be Defeated Using Halal Certification (I kid you not)

Posted by on August 14, 2017

Sam Dastyari recently offered a suggestion for tacking Islamic State terrorism. What was it? Halal certification. I kid you not.

Why are we finding it so hard to win the war against Islamic State? Well here in Australia I've got a two word answer: Sam Dastyari.

The truth is too many of our politicians don't take the threat of Islamic inspired terrorism seriously. Recently in Sydney we had terror raids, and it was found out that the suspects were planning to plant a bomb on a commercial passenger flight. That was the terrorist plot.

Sam Dastyari was asked about this earlier this month and what he said was quite remarkable. He suggested that we use Halal certification to "drive engagement". Now, he's got to be kidding hasn't he?

Why is Dastyari intent on reducing important policy questions to mere trivia?

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