Segregation And The End Of Australian Egalitarianism

Every week, seemingly everywhere, Australian institutions and traditions are being lost.

The latest to fall is the public swimming pool as a genuinely public place.

Infected by political correctness and pandering to minority demands, Cumberland Council has decided to partition off part of the Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre at Auburn as a modesty enclave for Muslim women.

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Liberal Democrats

When I joined the Liberal Democrats last week, I expected an overdose of outrage from Labor’s machine men.

But they failed to go the Full Monty, leaving me desperately disappointed.

Sneering Sam Dastyari – on a short break from looking down his nose at housing in Western Sydney – described me as “a racist, Islamophobic, misogynist homophobe”.


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School Funding Debate

Among the many issues on which Australia’s political leaders have grown hopelessly out-of-touch, the school funding debate is perhaps the worst.

All the evidence points to a failing system of government schools yet, in their determination to buy votes, both Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten want to throw more debt-funded money at the problem.

In tonight’s budget, the Coalition will provide an additional $19 billion in school funding, while Labor has promised up to $22 billion on top of that.


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How Bill Shorten Has Lost The Plot

I have a theory about Labor Governments.

From the high-water mark of the Hawke years, they are getting progressively worse.

In the 1980s, Bob Hawke set the gold standard for Labor, combining economic openness and fiscal restraint with an effective social safety net.


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Defending The Age Of Reason From Leftist Attacks

As we honour those who fought for our country on this glorious national day, it has become doubly important to remember what they fought for.

It wasn’t just freedom and democracy.

It was also the gains of the 17th century Enlightenment.


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Reform Of Islam

It’s been a bad week for the so-called “moderate voices of Islam” in Australia.

In recent years the ABC, SBS, Fairfax and Channel 10 have promoted Waleed Aly and Yassmin Abdel-Magied as celebrity Muslims, supposedly giving the public a soothing, reasoned understanding of their religion.

But yet again – this time following the release of the Hizb ut-Tahrir video justifying domestic violence – Aly and Abdel-Magied have been caught short.


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Malcolm Turnbull’s World Of Delusion

Malcolm Turnbull is living in a world of delusion.

He claims to be governing from “the sensible centre” of Australian politics, as a true heir to the Menzies Liberal Party legacy.

Yet the evidence suggests, inside the institutions of the Federal Government, that Leftist ideology is rampant – spreading the virus of political correctness and cultural Marxism to most parts of the public sector


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Social Divide

In this age of political disruption, there’s one phenomenon we should all be able to agree on

It’s something attitudinal researchers have noticed: as people become more affluent, they focus more intensely on questions of social reform and control.

Having conquered the challenges of material survival, wealthy people have the luxury of thinking about laws that might reshape society and its values.


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Social Democracy Is Dying

Social democracy is dying.

Like a scene from George Orwell’s Animal Farm, left-of-centre MPs and activists are now practicing the type of politics they had previously denounced: a divisive, segregationist brand of identity fascism.

All our hopes for people working together – the social democratic dream of a community rich in social capital – are crumbling.


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Outsiders Manifesto

Malcolm Turnbull’s floundering leadership aside, Australian politics faces a single irresistible issue.

Will a Trump/Brexit-style revolution, a rebellion of the outsiders, torpedo the stability of the two-party system?

I think it will.

I think the age of political disruption is upon us.

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