Australians need to band together to save Australia Day

WHENEVER I see singing and dancing in Parliament House, Canberra, there’s one guarantee.

Whatever they are singing and dancing about, hardly anyone in the suburbs will join in.

Since Thursday, that’s the way it’s been with same-sex marriage.

At kids’ sporting events, a friend’s BBQ and talking to people on the main street of Camden, nobody seems to give two hoots about this legislative change.

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ALP Government Will be an Economic Disaster

While the rest of the political system has been distracted by the dual citizenship fiasco and gay marriage debate, Labor’s economic team has been having a picnic.

Not an austere nibble on celery sticks and julienned carrots.

The modern Labor style is far more lavish.

In the tradition of the Rudd/Gillard era, they have been feasting on a banquet of fiscal irresponsibility.

The Shadow Finance Minister, Jim Chalmers, has released some of the worst polices in the history of the Commonwealth.

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Turnbull's Survival Depends Upon Abbott

After 40 years of being involved in politics, it’s still possible to witness amazing events.

On Saturday I was at the Australian Christian Nation Association conference in Burwood, in Sydney’s inner-west.

The keynote speaker was Tony Abbott, for whom the crowd went crazy, treating him like a political rock-star.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

With hundreds packed into the room, he received three standing ovations and a wild outpouring of love.

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Gay Lobby Slams Margaret Court

Strange things are happening to our country.

National icons are being denigrated, simply for holding an opinion based on their religious beliefs.

Take the case of tennis legend Margaret Court – the most successful player in the history of the game, winning 24 grand slam singles titles in the 1960s/70s.

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Western Sydney Rejects Same-Sex Marriage

We keep saying Western Sydney is different – and now the result of the same-sex marriage plebiscite has proven this proposition beyond doubt.

While the rest of the country, even in conservative rural seats, voted Yes, our region had 10 electorates that went the other way.

The population arc from Canterbury/Bankstown, across to Parramatta and Castle Hill, and then southwards through Blacktown, Fairfield, Liverpool and Campbelltown is dominated by gay marriage sceptics.

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Yes vote not a campaign of love — but hatred of alternative views

Tomorrow at 10am the results of the Same Sex Marriage postal vote will be released.

Whatever the outcome, campaigning on this issue over the past three months has flushed out a new style of Australian politics.

But not in a good way.

We have entered a toxic era, in which the prevailing political tactic is to close down the voice of one’s opponents.

Initially, the Yes advocates didn’t want a public debate and democratic vote.

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Kevin Rudd’s revisionist history astounds all

When Julia Gillard released her autobiography in 2014, Kevin Rudd described it as “a work of fiction”.

It is against this benchmark that Rudd’s own memoirs must be judged.

Over the past fortnight, the former Prime Minister has travelled from his new home in New York to blitz the Australian media.

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Safe Schools the toxic weed we can’t stamp out of the schoolyard

Like a toxic weed that nobody can rid from their garden, the Safe Schools program keeps growing back into NSW classrooms.

When it was established in 2013, it was supposed to be about the prevention of playground bullying.

But its founder, the Victorian academic Roz Ward, admitted its true purpose was to foster “gender and sexual diversity” as part of “Marxist human liberation”.

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New Zealand election a commonsense return to borders

As election results have come in from around the world over the past 18 months, the most commonly used word in the media has been “Shocked”.

It happened last week when the New Zealand First leader, Winston Peters, announced he was forming a coalition government with Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Party – a result few commentators expected.

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ALP is full of useful idiots assisting cultural Marxism

When Vladimir Lenin coined the phrase “useful idiots” in politics, he gave us a handy way of understanding Bill Shorten’s Labor Party.

As identity politics has taken hold of our major public institutions and private companies, Labor politicians have played along.

In wanting to help so-called “oppressed minorities”, they have fallen into the trap of naively assisting the far more dangerous agenda of cultural Marxism.

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