Tear Down That Curtain: Update

Posted by on July 30, 2017

Despite our best efforts, Cumberland Council persist in closing off part of the Auburn pool with a Sharia Law curtain. Despite our push to re-establish freedom for everyone, the facilities are still segregated according to gender.

Being a ratepayer and taxpayer funded facility we naturally assumed Auburn pool would be open to hearing concerned citizens’ views.

We went to the facility to deliver our petition. The staff present prevented us from filming. It left us wondering, what do they have to hide?

This curtain sets a troubling precedent. Changing the rules at Auburn pool according to religious law. Where does it end? Putting curtains up on Bondi Beach?

You can be reassured that we will continue in our campaign to Tear Down That Curtain applying pressure at the local government level, and raising awareness through our Rebel Australia activities.

This is all part of our campaign to make sure that Australia retains its open, fair and freedom-loving ways.

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