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This is a story of concern from a courageous teacher, we name as Mrs. A.

Mrs. A recently met with the NSW Minister for Education, Rob Stokes, and Labor's Shadow Minister, Jihad Dib, to relate her real life experience in a suburban public school of being confronted with concerning behaviour by radicalised Islamic students. She received non committed blank looks in return.

See  Mrs A speak at  the 13:30 point in my interview with her on our June 14th MLO Show


Is there more to the Education Minister’s reluctance to have an inquiry than meets the eye?

Recently I came forward to ‘blow the whistle’ on the NSW Education Department’s lack of inaction and acknowledgement of radicalised Muslim children in our classrooms.

At my recent meeting with Minister Rob Stokes on June 8th, I presented questionable teachings of the Islamic faith against the western establishment and values and in a tax-payer funded religious school. 

In the past week, I have met also, the Labor Shadow Minister for Education, Jihad Dib. 

To be honest, I am more concerned now for the future of our education system, our children and teachers than I was before.  I naively believed that having a conservative government was the best opportunity we would have to put the education system under the microscope to be broadly examined.  The issue of radicalisation being alive and well in our public schools, as well as tax-payer funded independent schools, and being ignored, is certainly proving to be, one symptom of a very problematic system that no one wants to address. 

Whilst Mr Dib did offer an apology as to my experiences , what is concerning is the reluctance of both the Minister and the Shadow Minister to be proactive and work towards not only addressing this issue, but addressing the root cause of the problems within the system that allows for this continued denial. Even more alarming, is that both refused to acknowledge that ‘radicalisation’ is an occurrence or even a possibility among primary school children, and whilst ever this denial remains, we can’t set out about fixing the problem. This is frightening, as the Department and Minister’s failings to confront it head on, is sending a message to teachers, children and families to accept and tolerate the religious abuse and demands of a few Muslim children, as an acceptable practice within our system.  Subsequently, our young Muslim children will become more desensitised and accepting of radical Islam.   That spells nothing but disaster for the future.

I have provided sufficient evidence for the Minister to admit that radicalised children do exist in our primary school system and that those children are bullying other children into adopting Islamic beliefs. I have provided a snapshot of incident reports that proves aggressive, religiously motivated behaviour did occur.  I have also provided evidence of incidents that should have been reported on the school system, but were not. I also provided a letter on behalf of another teacher, whose teaching career is ruined and who is feeling suicidal as a result of on-going abuse and intimidation by a student.  

The ongoing denial of bullying and aggressive abuse and the rise of religiously based abuse, in my opinion, is negligent and wreaks of a lazy attitude towards the mental and physical safety of students and teachers. It demonstrates a neglectful and ignorant attitude towards taking radicalisation and abuse seriously. 

Bullying has always been an issue in schools.  After all, isn’t that why the abhorrent Safe Schools programme was introduced?  NSW's Education Department has no hesitation to address alleged white, straight heterosexual bullying towards LGBTQI children, but ask them to confront the bullying by radicalised and aggressive Muslim boys and girls towards any other student, and they fall silent. 

But, is there more to the Minister’s reluctance to hold a broad inquiry into our education system, then meets the eye?

From my experience as a classroom teacher in what is known in teaching circles, as some of Sydney’s ‘hardest to teach’ schools,  it is quite clear that teachers, students and families have become desensitised to disruptive and unruly behaviour of many children – this behaviour is accepted as normal.  We also have a system that continues to produce declining academic results and it is a system that is widely known to be so full of left-wing ideology that the term ’global warming’ creates anxiety in children who think the planet is going to combust if we don’t ban coal mining soon. 

I handed the Minister an opportunity to do something no government has ever had the guts to do before – that is, hold a broad ranging public inquiry into the education system.  It would be a chance to connect to all teachers and families in NSW and give them an opportunity to contribute to the future of the NSW State education system. It could also be an opportunity to rid our classrooms of rhetorical left- wing political ideology and a chance for the Liberal Party to be champions of the teachers and listen to their concerns directly, effectively by-passing the Teachers’ Federation and the politically correct garbage it often serves up whilst ignoring the true plight of teachers and the problems they face in the classroom. Even the former Green’s MP, the late John Kaye, was concerned at the introduction of Local Schools, Local Decisions in NSW as he believed, it was effectively, giving control of schools to Principals and their ideologies. He was right in his assertions. So why would a conservative Minister throw away an opportunity to rid our system of left wing dogma that usually teaches children to hate political parties such as the Liberal Party and hold it responsible for everything that is wrong in Australia, no matter how many alternative facts, prove otherwise? 

Is it perhaps because, both the Labor and Liberal Governments do not want the system fixed?  With the emerging large number of students enrolling in non-government schools and the increase in funding to such schools, is there some hidden bi-partisan agenda for the government and future governments to rid itself of the responsibility of our education system?

If every independent and religious school closed tomorrow, the children who attend such schools will have to go back into the public system. However, our schools are not only full to capacity, but we have a shortage of schools as it is.  By ridding itself of the responsibility of education, the government not only saves money by not having to build new schools, but is no longer responsible for the content that is taught or, the behaviour management and discipline in schools. Effectively, this would lead to a two-tiered education system. That ultimately could lead to secular public schools becoming religious public schools, which is effectively what we will see happen at the Punchbowl schools if the Department does not step in immediately and ensure all Islamic traditions are thrown out of those schools, including the Iftar dinner. After all, the minority groups had their way and threw out traditional after school family Christmas carol gatherings and then proceeded to ban the Easter bunny.

I am pretty confident that an inquiry would reveal many families leave the public system due to a lack of behaviour management and effective discipline; not to mention, a lack of quality academic programs. It would also reveal more recounts of teachers and students enduring endless days of abuse, including religious abuse, that has been covered up for far too long.

An inquiry would probably also reveal that the majority of families are sick of having minority views shoved down their children’s throats on a daily basis in the classroom.

So, it leads me to the question; Is the Minister reluctant to call for an inquiry as it may reveal an inconvenient truth where the simplest of solutions might mean upsetting too many minority groups?  Minority groups the Liberal Party is hell bent on chasing for votes (which it will never get) and it seems is willing to sacrifice our education system for. 

Any conservative government that is prepared to sit by and do nothing as a public education system deteriorates beyond repair, protecting left wing minority propaganda being taught in the classroom to chase that voter base, is a political party that has essentially sold its own heart and soul.


Mrs A.

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