Stop calling housework unpaid labour

Posted by on June 23, 2017

Motherhood is a decision...

By Corrine Barraclough

One thing alone is more infuriating than a stupid idea; people who nod along and assume it’s a good idea before engaging their brain.

Please note: housework is not unpaid labour.

This week, Greens Co-Deputy Leader Larissa Waters tried a media stunt to shame both Liberal government and the Labor opposition around tampon tax. It’s one of thousands of branches on the evergreen tree of gender grievance.

How many times have we read this week, “Women continue to do most of the unpaid work at home”?

Where did this stupid idea come from and why are people buying shares?

Unpaid work at home is called living.

If you don’t like housework, don’t do it. Choose a partner who likes to dust and share out the chores.

Who on earth do you think is going to pay you for “unpaid work at home”?

I don’t get paid for taking a shower. Should that be on my time sheet to this imaginary company where we clock in at birth and clock out with our final breath? Who is funding this magic faraway planet?

If you’re suggesting you should get paid for housework, do I get paid for keeping myself fit and therefore avoiding pressure on the medical system? Where does it end?

Not every second of your life is an earning opportunity. You were not born a victim because of your gender.

If you resent staying at home and value money more than time, get yourself to the city and pour your focus into a career.

If you can’t afford to live in a city because you’ve got three kids and no money in the bank, look in the mirror. That’s who is accountable.

No, we shouldn’t have to improve rail links to ensure you can get to the city for work. Where you choose to live, how many children you choose to have, how you juggle your workload and earning potential – guess what? It’s all your responsibility.

Where has this ludicrous entitlement and self-serving talk about the “paid economy” come from?

On Friday the Herald Sun reported, “Women are contributing most to the $565 billion “unpaid economy” but many of them are being held back from getting paying jobs due to geographic isolation.”

Women aren’t being “held back”.

Women are not oppressed.

They are not hard done by, and they shouldn’t be paid for wiping kitchen surfaces.

The bonkers research by business consultant PwC reveals childcare accounts for the majority of the “unpaid economy”. And yes, you’ve guessed it, women were found to do 76 per cent of the work.

That’s called motherhood. It’s called a decision.

It was also reported “lack of local jobs and poor transport links often kept them at home.”

Hey, genius, move.


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