So-called ‘charity’ goes on witch-hunt

Posted by on February 02, 2018


By Corrine Barraclough

Over the past few weeks, MLO has been shining a light on anti-men revenge narrative versus helpful, real pursuit of equality.

The term ‘domestic violence’ is only used in MSM reporting if the perpetrator is male, for instance. Which is strange considering some have created a full-time job (and ask for $ to assist with) ‘correcting’ MSM headlines to fit their own left feminist agenda.

It doesn’t end there.

There is growing concern about activists who are seeking to pouring petrol on the ‘war on men’ hype.

Over the weekend, The Red Heart Campaign posted a meme, which said, “When Will Men Stop Killing Us?”

Hysteria, much?

Look out, he’s behind you…

And then they went on a witch-hunt.

A policeman had commented on social media, “… makes me wonder where they get them? [stats] My concern is that, as a front line police officer, these stats are just plain false. Most perpetrators of domestic violence are actually women, but because the violence is deemed ‘emotional abuse’ 99% of magistrates won’t award a protection order against them. So sure, continue to peddle this to your followers.”

In response, the ‘charity’ posted: “Dear Red Hearters. Please do not report violence to this “frontline police officer” because he’ll probably tell you you’re faking it! We are checking whether or not this joker really is with Queensland Police. If he is, we hope he gets the boot.”

Going after people with views you don’t like, attempting to get them fired? How very Clementine Ford of you…

Sure enough, a lengthy letter was sent entitled, “Police officer harassment’.

When Moody was then sprung running a fake account a commenter wrote, “Look like you run a fake profile too. Dishonest to the core.”

Moody replied, “The police have just confirmed they are investigating the comments. They have confirmed the Facebook account belongs to a servicing officer and that what he said ‘assuming he write [sic] it was not the belief of QPS at all.”

As if the police haven’t got better things to do than run around putting out fires started by angry anti-men activists.

Moody then followed up with, “F**k off not xxxx [name] you’ve been told to stop harassing me twice. Good men only need to be told once.”

Good lord.

Of course, like any large organisation, individual police officers are bound by silencing from above so this officer could not comment further, but other sources have told the following, "Red Heart’s figures are well-known as being at best misleading but more accurately, just plain false. There is growing concern amongst the force about how domestic violence is being handled. There were a lot of concerns raised regarding the training provided to some officers, seemingly driven by White Ribbon, training which they are forced to do, because it’s entirely gendered. That’s not the reality of what they see. The White Ribbon training is all gender specific, it says, ‘he does xx’ or ‘he is controlling…”. It's based around an outdated model.

It’s not what is really going on – and we all know that. It’s not helpful and is being used by vindictive partners to great success. Many in the police force have had a gut full of being force fed gendered untruths.”
Standing up to leftist bullies takes many guises.

Reality doesn’t seem to matter to these people.

As Oxfam moved away from the Aboriginal activist who said Australia should “burn”, perhaps the domestic violence industry should take an assessment of so-called activists speaking on their behalf.

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