Six months on, Trump keeps draining the swamp

Posted by on July 18, 2017

This Thursday marks six months since Donald Trump became President of the United States

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He’s been the seismic shock politics needed internationally, reassuring people it’s still possible to govern in the public interest.

In an era when most voters have grown to despise the political class – the self-serving and often corrupt insiders’ club – Trump is dedicated to “draining the swamp”.

He is leading an administration governing for the many, not just the few.

He’s putting the interests of people in suburban and regional communities ahead of political lobbyists, fundraisers, Hollywood celebrities and every other spiv leeching off a broken system.

The elites hate him for it.

They hated him during last year’s election campaign because he wasn’t one of them.

He came from outside the system: a larrikin New York property developer – in the eyes of the elites, a “vulgarian” to be sneered at.

They have hated Trump in office because he has refused to submit to political orthodoxy, to sign up to their club.

Two weeks ago, he stood apart from the other G20 leaders and confirmed his decision to withdraw from the farcical Paris climate accord.

This was a genuine test of leadership, perhaps the hardest thing to do in politics: to stand resolute against a hectoring majority, to stand alone as a minority of one.

Washington’s foreign policy establishment hates Trump because he is implementing his election promise to normalise America’s place in the world, to no longer act as a global policeman.

The new President hasn’t been to hundreds of backslapping international talkfests, duchessed by diplomats and armaments corporations, with everyone arguing for “more American intervention” – code for more wars.

Trump is a practical person who judges the evidence as he finds it.

The US intervention in Iraq was a disaster.

It upset the fragile sectarian balance in the Middle East, created ferocious local resistance to foreign occupation and unleashed upon the Western World the evil of ISIS.

What sort of fool would want the United States to repeat this kind of folly?

The sorts of fools who go to international summits and submit to the wishes of weapon-making multinationals.

When he left office in 1961, President Eisenhower warned the American people to “guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence by the military industrial complex”.

“The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist”, he said.

From his time in office, Bill Clinton lamented how, “The problem in my country is we have powerful people who think the US always needs enemies.”

Trump is the first President to act on these warnings.

He is making American foreign policy normal again.

He’s restoring the sensible pre-Cold War doctrine of non-interventionism.

Trump will only take decisive military action in defence of American interests.

He’s not in the business of invading countries and occupying foreign lands.

He has already made the world a safer place by establishing cordial relations with Russia.

It makes sense for these two nuclear powers to get along.

Trump’s presidency has become an important safeguard against the hawks of the military industrial complex wanting to provoke conflict with Russia.

The other great Trumpian achievement has been on the domestic front.

He has forged a new type of politics, one where he readily defines himself by his enemies.

The more the mainstream media condemn him, ramping up their Trump Derangement Syndrome, the more the President is able to confirm his credentials as the world’s best hope for fighting political correctness.

He has been true to his supporters.

He’s been an inspiration to those of us alarmed by the march of Leftist social engineering through public institutions.

Importantly, Trump is not a conservative.

Indeed, his Presidency is filling a gap left by the collapse of conservatism around the world.

Conservatives see their role as protecting the traditional institutions and values of society.

But recently two problems have arisen.

Leftists have taken control of many of these institutions, such as the education system, public broadcasters and government bureaucracies.

Elsewhere, public trust in the conventional pillars of society – big business, churches, the media and democracy itself – has been in steady decline.

Conservatives have got little left to conserve.

They have become clueless in knowing how to respond to this dilemma.

We see this in Australia with cavernous divisions in the Liberal Party.

The “progressive” or Turnbull wing cheers on the Leftist takeover, while the “conservative” wing is frozen with inaction: utterly hopeless in pushing back against cultural Marxism.

Even worse, these ineffective “civility conservatives” see Trump as part of the problem, attacking his language as “too rough and unbecoming”.

What a pack of dithering imbeciles. 

The genius of Trump is in being “institution-free”.

He is not beholden to any of the traditional institutions of politics, and often speaks out against them.

Instead of sucking up to the media, he has created a cage-match of animosity, a fight to the death with Leftist outfits like CNN.

Trump’s appeal is directly to the people, bypassing the need for support from journalists, interest groups and even his own party.

With conservatism dying, modern politics is now a choice between two competing paradigms: the Leftist march through institutions (insider elites) and the Trumpian fight-back (outsider rebellion).

There is no third way.

The civility conservatives need to get off the fence, pick the splinters out of their backsides and fight the Left as hard as Trump does.

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