Save Australia Day: More Council Madness

Posted by on August 25, 2017

We're five months out from Australia Day and the left-wing campaign to scrap our national day is gathering pace. Look at what's been in the news:

In the last month, since we launched our petition, to Save Australia Day, we've had Yarra Council in Melbourne vote to get rid of Australia Day celebrations. They've been joined by Darebin Council, and Lismore Council in Northern New South Wales are headed in the same direction, they're joining Fremantle Council and others.

All of these local government authorities are wanting to get rid of Australia Day as a left-wing push. Beyond that, the national broadcaster, the left-wing ABC has joined in, with with Triple J saying they might get rid of their Hottest 100 countdown which they've traditionally played on Australia Day. 

This is a major problem, we've got to fight back against this. We launched the petition just a month ago and in that time we've seen the left-wing campaign mounting. It's even more important now, five months out from Australia Day to sign the petition. Please share it with your friends on your social media, spread the word in your local community, wherever you can to raise awareness; to Save Australia Day.

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