Red Heart Campaign blames all men for domestic violence

Posted by on October 06, 2017



By Corrine Barraclough

Over and over and over again they try. The Red Heart Campaign (RHC) is still pretending they are all about being the voice of domestic violence victims. Actually what they want is power and control over the leftist feminist narrative. Aka, blame all men.

Aka, masculinity is a problem.

Aka, #killallmen.

“Australia has a massive male violence problem and the last thing we need is high profile media commentators normalising it…” RHC says.


Australia has a problem with promoting respect for all human beings. It has a dominant feminist narrative that is trashing men, alienating fathers and costing lives.

Mark Latham replies: “I’ve just watched Hacksaw Ridge and there’s a great line from the Rachel Griffiths character about her abusive husband (played by Hugo Weaving), said to their on-screen son: “He doesn’t hate us, he hates himself”. Male self-esteem is the big issue, not the patriarchy. It’s about men who use DV as a macabre coping mechanism for their own failings, not some self-serving Leftist misogyny/patriarchy narrative.”

You really want to look at the whole picture of domestic violence?

Here’s an email I received this week:

“Dear Corrine,

Please help. I've been separated from my ex for 3 years. I have two young boys 10 and 12, in this time I've been dragged through the courts, denied access, alienated, numerous false allegations, 2 VRO's, (I have never had any prior history of DV EVER!) death threats, abusive phone calls, text messages from my ex's mother and sister….”

It goes on into heartbreaking detail.

The man has video evidence.

He has taken that to the police.

Three days later? Nothing.

“What a disgraceful system,” he writes. “If that was me I’m sure I would be locked up.”

He’s right.

“I am happy someone actually takes an interest in the struggle,” he adds.


MLO is not here to spin false narratives.

RHC, once again, you are wrong.

End all DV.

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