Poll: Australians more pro-U.S. under Trump than Obama

Posted by on June 25, 2017

Who would have thought? After 18 months of Trump Derangement Syndrome in the Australian media, there has been a 14 percentage point increase in the number of Australians who want to remain close to the United States.

This time last year, in the influential Lowy Institute Poll, 51 per cent of Australian wanted to keep close relations with the United States. That was under President Barack Obama.

Now the figure is 65 per cent, a vote of confidence in Donald Trump and his new foreign policy stance.

With the Republicans winning important special elections in the US, and now America's longtime security partner, Australia, giving the thumbs up for Trump, it's clear the mainstream media has failed in its vilification campaign.

People want to make up their own minds about politics, to get the other side of the story, and they aren't swallowing the MSM hysteria about the new president.

In the Lowy Poll, only 29 per cent of Australians want to distance themselves from the USA under Trump — a slap in the face for the Greens' and Labor's left-wing foreign affairs spokesperson, Penny Wong, who have been urging disassociation from the Trump Administration.

We love The Donald!

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