Period Leave? Women, Stop Being A Pain

Posted by on May 31, 2017

We all know that lots of hysterical extremist policies sneak their way through in Victoria – but this one really rings the crazy bell.

The Victorian Women’s Trust say Australian employers should allow women with serious menstrual pain to have up to 12 days a year on paid leave.

The Trust says productivity would benefit if employers introduced, “menstrual policies”.

In a survey of more than 3,500 women about how work could be better managed during strong pain, Herald Sun reports the “vast majority” would like to work from home. What a surprise.

Interestingly, the so-called survey was completed mostly by young women – who worked for the trust. See what they did there? What a surprise.

“I think that is useful for us in terms of understanding the attitudes that need to be contended with if we want to move on and be genuinely respectful and reach gender parity,” Trust CEO Mary Crooks told Herald Sun.

On The Project last night, Crooks said menstruation is “not a sickness”.

She didn’t quite manage to say it with a straight face.


Because the entire notion is ridiculous.

Human beings suffer pain; in their heads, backs or sometimes as a side effect of periods. Yes, it hurts. We all have our cross to bear.

Get over it.

Take some painkillers, get to work – or don’t be surprised if you’re not flagged as a highflying priority with potential in your team.

If you want to shuffle around with a blanket wrapped around yourself, in a cocoon of self-pity, enjoy. Wear slippers too. But don’t be surprised if your colleagues roll their eyes as you walk past, and don’t be surprised if no one takes you seriously.

Feeble women like this make me embarrassed to be a woman. Stop playing the gender card. You already have sick leave, use it if you have to.

Don’t fight for the right to work, start demanding female quotas and more superannuation – and then look for excuses not to show up.

Businesses don’t run themselves. Are you in or out?

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