Oh dear, Clementine Ford thinks she understands masculinity

Posted by on August 03, 2017

Clementine Ford reckons men should banish the phrase “no homo” and hug more. Apparently, since becoming the parent of a son, she is omniscient about men, masculinity and knows precisely how to fix the entire disarray.

She writes, “It seems especially sad to me that men – and young men in particular – are conditioned against embracing the pleasures of a physically expressed platonic love with each other from fear that the authenticity of their manhood may be challenged.”

Back up there. That’s a hell of a lot of assumptions made in one sentence. Firstly, no one is ever going to take you seriously writing about masculinity when you boast about writing with male tears, thrive on #killallmen and laugh in the face of men having equal rights. Stick to what’s important to you – women.

I’m not sure where she’s been hanging out with men, but clearly she’s never entered a crowded pub and roared with men watching sport together. Just because male bonding doesn’t look the way you want it to doesn’t mean you are entitled to stick in your bitter beak and dictate the tactile script.

Back off. The damage you’ve done to men’s lives is immense. It is ongoing and irreparable.

Before you even begin to bleat about the physical expression of manhood, how about you take another look at all young boys now being conditioned to believe they are potential abusers?

This is your gang’s work, Ford.

She continues to blab about “hetero-masculinity”. Apparently, like the 57 genders we are meant to accept in this never-ending ideological psychobabble, Ford and her cronies are granted free rein to identify different categories of masculinity. With a simple tick or cross, they mark them as acceptable in society or not, depending on what suits them - to hell with individuality.

There is talk of “social hierarchy” (of course), “emasculation” (slash feminism) and “healthy intimacy” (fem-dictated expressions of affection).

She goes so far as to write, “It’s sad and surprising to realise how many men don’t express gentle intimacy with their sons, particularly as their sons enter adolescence. Hugging, kissing and exchanging “I love yous” drop away between many fathers and sons, and that touch isn’t necessarily replicated in their friendships with other men because of the pressures that compulsive heterosexuality presents.”

“Sad”? “Surprising”? “To realise”? Have you just landed from another planet and forgotten everything you’ve written to date?

She continues, “Failing to teach and encourage men to express healthy intimacy – not just with women, but with other men – is causing significant damage. Touch isolation is real.”

Clem, if men have stopped showing affection to their friends, or their children, it’s because of the hateful world you are actively shaping.

It is indeed “sad” but certainly not “surprising” and you are the last “to realise” the consequences of your fanatical narrative. Your brand of feminism has done more to damage masculinity than your ego will ever let you even realise.

Welcome to the world you prescribed where all men are born with your agenda of gender original sin.

Your world has decided that being male is something to be ashamed of and “toxic”.

Do not preach to us now about what you deem to be a shame about masculinity. If men are suffering “touch isolation” it’s because you and your fem-bots have literally made it illegal, unacceptable or risky for men to do anything other than live in segregation, self-loathing and reclusive quarantine.


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