Media Experts lie to their Students

Posted by on May 02, 2017

Andrew Bolt recently had a go at Jenna Price who teaches journalism at the University of Technology, Sydney. He showed Price was vilifying Peta Credlin for doing something which she knew Credlin had already denied, yet Price ranted on as if the smear were true. The story was about Price’s suggestion that Credlin was challenging Kelly O'Dwyer for her seat.

Bolt made the point that Jenna Price was committing a crime against her craft - writing a smear that's based on a known falsehood.

This is a woman with a history. Jenna Price is also working hard to distort the truth about domestic violence by promoting false statistics about the number of women killed by their partners.

As if it isn’t bad enough that a woman is killed in a family related homicide every six days (the equivalent for men is every ten days – which naturally no one ever mentions). Here’s my article which gives the real statistics about domestic violence.

One woman killed every week didn’t seem frightening enough for Jenna Price and her feminist cronies who decided to cook the figures by founding a Facebook site, Destroy the Joint which is publishing cumulative figures of women killed each year – gathered from media reports.

This is a site which is deliberately seeking to artificially inflate official statistics about partner homicide by includes homicides of any sort, including, for instance, this case from March last year where a palliative care doctor administered an overdose to his 88 year mother.

The Destroy the Joint website justifies this misrepresentation of the data in this way: "Please note: We do not confine our count to only deaths attributed as domestic or family violence, as we believe all violent deaths targeted against women are the result of societal misogyny.”

So here we have Jenna Price, a woman teaching future journalists, who promotes ignoring official statistics and using stats which she publicly acknowledges are fudged and inflated for ideological reasons. Is it any wonder media reporting on this issue is almost totally “party line” – namely promoting men as the only perpetrators and inflating domestic violence statistics?

The amazing thing is Price got away with it. Last year there was a segment on domestic violence on The 7.30 Report, introduced by Leigh Sales. The story was introduced by Sales saying “Two Australian women are killed every week with many by people they know well - husbands, partners, fathers” 

Two women a week? Well, that inflated figure that came from Destroy the Joint’s cooked up statistics. So here was our leading ABC Current Affairs quoting this feminist claptrap instead of the official statistics.

Suddenly these shonky figures was being used everywhere, including by our Prime Minister who referred to the Destroy the Joint’s statistics when promoting a new 100 million package for domestic violence.

With such ideologues teaching media students it is hardly surprising to find media reporting on domestic violence is constantly skewed, emphasising male violence and denying women’s aggression. See this report on men who take out AVOs – presumably because they are dealing with violent women. The reporter distorts the story to suggest men only seek AVOs to control their partners.

One man is doing a magnificent job trying to fight media distortion of this important subject. Greg Andresen runs the excellent website which aims at aims to raising public awareness of the existence and needs of male victims of family violence and abuse. Take a look at his misinformation page, documenting his relentless efforts to educate the media about the proper statistics in this area.

Sadly it is rare indeed that most media sources are willing to correct their mistakes, even when given evidence that their information is incorrect. They prefer to keep spreading lies to demonize men – with the ABC the major culprit.

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