Malcolm Turnbull’s World Of Delusion

Posted by on April 11, 2017

Malcolm Turnbull is living in a world of delusion.

He claims to be governing from “the sensible centre” of Australian politics, as a true heir to the Menzies Liberal Party legacy.

Yet the evidence suggests, inside the institutions of the Federal Government, that Leftist ideology is rampant – spreading the virus of political correctness and cultural Marxism to most parts of the public sector


Turnbull is simply a spectator to this process.

He has lost control of the administration of his government within the Commonwealth bureaucracy, seemingly powerless to assert traditional Liberal values.

Let’s do a stock-take of the institutional changes.

On Turnbull’s watch, the ABC has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the extreme Left, to the point where it no longer reports stories reflecting negatively on Islam – such as the radicalisation of Punchbowl Boys High and Keysar Trad’s comments on domestic violence.

At SBS, Trump Derangement Syndrome now dominates its news and current affairs programs.

In the public service, Turnbull’s handpicked head of the Prime Minister’s Department, Martin Parkinson, has abandoned merit-based employment, having swallowed the Kool-Aid of “unconscious bias”.

A highly qualified straight white male from a financially disadvantaged background has little chance of getting a job in Canberra.

Instead of ticking the right boxes in university exams, the best way of getting promoted in Parkinson’s public service is to tick the right identity boxes: the new Leftist alphabet of LGBTIWTF.

The Australian Human Right Commission (AHRC) has gone the same way, as Tim Soutphommasane tries to implement a system of racial quotas for public and private sector employment.

Whether he knows it or not, Turnbull is presiding over the death of Australian meritocracy – the founding principle of our national ethos of a “fair go”.

Elsewhere at the AHRC, human rights have been destroyed, with the persecution of innocent university students and the late Bill Leak.

In the education system, cultural Marxism is proliferating through Safe Schools and segregationist “safe spaces”.

In propaganda campaigns on Australian university campuses, the main danger to student welfare is no longer defined in terms of academic under-achievement, but a white man walking into the room.

With the rise of gay militancy, Australians who believe in God and traditional man-woman marriage are being targeted in the workplace, with the corporate Left caving in to this oppression.

By this inventory of outcomes, Turnbull is the most radically Leftist and divisive Prime Minister in Australian history.

He resembles Sir Robert Menzies as much as I resemble Labor’s Islamist MP Anne Aly.

As these massive changes swirl around him, Turnbull has become a bit player: the political equivalent of a cud-chewing cow watching the passing traffic.

The Leftist takeover of institutions has been so quick and comprehensive that the Liberals are paralysed by inaction.

The Turnbull faction quite likes the changes, so it sees no need to fight.

While the more conservative Abbott Liberals are hostile in principle, they are accustomed to defending institutions, rather than recapturing them.

Their instinct is for gradual change and continuity, rendering them ineffective in the culture war trenches.

When will this madness end?

What can be done to save our country and its institutions from segregationist identity politics?

The first thing to understand is that we have seen this movie before: the Left going down the path of ideological dogma and expansion.

In the old Soviet Union, it mistakenly believed people would continue to work hard and create economic growth while under the control of state power.

Communism fell apart because of its internal contradictions, particularly its misjudgement of human nature.

A similar thing happened to the Rudd and Gillard Governments, when the Labor Left thought it could base Australia’s refugee policy on illegality, encouraging the payment of people smugglers.

The ALP claimed it was helping asylum seekers but then more than 1200 drowned – the greatest humanitarian disaster in Australian history.

Ultimately, identity politics will also collapse because of its internal contradictions and misjudgement of human nature.

The average Australian is not a bigoted monster requiring government supervision and control in the treatment of other people’s race, gender and sexuality.

We have been the world’s most successful and tolerant multicultural nation, building a wonderful meritocracy.

But now the Left is going too far in its obsession with social engineering: ramping up anti-white racism and segregation.

The oppressed have become the oppressors.

It’s only a matter of time before the fed-up majority of Australians reassert themselves electorally.

To reclaim our country, we need parliamentarians willing to implement five key reforms:

  1. For smaller, less intrusive government: abolish the AHRC, SBS and Marxist gender-theory outfits like Our Watch.
  2. The ABC must be democratised, sidelining the Leftist/incestuous employment cabal currently running it. By allowing all Australians the opportunity to blog, podcast and webcast on the national broadcaster’s platforms, the public would decide who becomes an ‘ABC personality’ and presenter (rather than the powerful Jones and Cassidy families).
  3. Introducing laws that prohibit segregation in Australia, thereby abolishing abominations like ‘safe spaces’ and non-white ‘multicultural’ playgroups.
  4. Outlawing employment practices based on anything other than meritocracy – that is, getting rid of identity quotas in the Australian workplace.
  5. Refusing to fund universities and schools that base their course work and teaching programs on neo-Marxism. This would end the anti-Enlightenment push at sinkhole universities like La Trobe, Deakin and Western Sydney.

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