Lone Fathers President To Address Parliament Inquiry On DV

Posted by on July 28, 2017

In a recent piece for MLO, I spoke to Barry Williams, National President of Lone Fathers Association of Australia. He will be addressing the parliamentary inquiry into a better family law system to support and protect those affected by family violence on August 8th.

He will speak about the unfair one-sided bias of the law and discuss the damage that removal of perjury in family court has done in Australia.

He will be pushing for a commission into family law, saying it is currently too longwinded, too expensive and far too feminist biased.

I caught up with Williams for an MLO update, he says: 

“It is totally inappropriate for Turnbull to talk about all young boys fours years and older having the potential to become abusers.

A Prime Minister should not be making a statement like that. It’s terribly untrue and sexist. Most men and boys in Australia are no more violent than the women in this country.

I have been doing this work for 44 years. I’m getting tired. It has to change.

The family law system is broken. Every day I have men in crisis in here.

I’ve written to the Prime Minister to tell him very clearly people are disappointed in his ineffectual government.

Don’t even talk to me about Shorten, he’s even worse. He wants to talk about inequality? He hasn’t got a clue.

Someone from the legislative assembly came here to my office in Canberra. I said it would be good for them to see what goes on here, to hear men in crisis for themselves. They stayed for one hour and said, ‘we don’t need to stay any longer; the crisis is clear to see’.

Then what? They do nothing. It’s disgusting.

Their attitude is, ‘we’re in government now, we’re right and you’re wrong’.

I’ve got letters from mother’s thanking me for saving their son’s lives; handwritten letters and cards. No one else will listen, no one in the government cares.

Family law is an out of control business now that’s making $24 billion a year. It’s breaking people.

Neither Turnbull or Brandis are fit to walk in John Howard’s shoes.

George Brandis stated at our 2010 National Conference in Parliament House that as soon as the Coalition was elected back into government they would change the Family Law Act to make sure access to the non-resident parent was enforced, and dads would not miss out on access to their beloved children.

I have been chasing him up on this promise for the last couple of years, but have been denied being able to meet with him.

I did speak to his secretary James Lambie about two years ago about George’s promise, and was thrilled to hear that they had already been working on it for last three months. But nothing happened.

I rang about six months later and was shocked to be told that they had to completely drop it and concentrate on the terrorist threat to Australia.

This sent shock waves through the lone parents and grandparents associations around Australia, many stating they will never forgive Brandis for his lies, never vote for the Coalition and they would only vote for the independents Hansen and Xenophon.

I am a registered Federal Lobbyist and spokesperson for the above organisations mentioned, but I am being blocked by their departments of being able to meet with the Ministers and Senators. Yes, you can bet I have some things to say on August 8th.”



Lone Fathers Association of Australia run programs and family courses. The organisation believes children need their fathers as much as they need their mothers. www.lonefathers.com.au











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