Let’s Talk About Our Watch Giving Media Awards

Posted by on June 16, 2017


Meet the Our Watch Awards; think couch-feinting hysteria at its most dramatic, screeching finest.


My very first media job was at a magazine in London. I worked in the US, and then back to London before heading to Australia. I burned hours in a lot of major publishing companies for many years before thinking, “Screw this, I’m done.”

There is one thing all media companies have in common, and the journalists who routinely fill the seats around the world, ego. Just look at the vile recent treatment of Cassie Jaye when she was ‘interviewed’ about her insightful documentary The Red Pill. This is a film about compassion for all yet she was shredded at the hands of some of Australia’s front line embarrassments, Andrew O’Keefe and The Project goons.

Ego is the air the media breathes. Who can get the biggest scoop, the fastest, the most shocking photo, and ultimately, garner the most recognition…

The media, en masse, is egotistical.

They thrive on awards.

So, it should come as no surprise that a genius way to control the media, and ensure that they stick to your narrative is to literally offer a reward for doing so.

Meet the Our Watch Awards.

These are the Oscars for award-winning feminist reporting. Think couch-feinting hysteria at it’s most dramatic, screeching finest.  

This week, Our Watch promoted their agenda, sorry awards, on Twitter writing they, “recognise & encourage exemplary reporting to end violence against women. Enter now!” (Check it out, the likes are interesting).

There are four things to note.

Firstly, I’m not interested in winning awards, I’m interested in speaking truth so, surprise, surprise, I won’t be entering. (Haha, can you imagine?!)

Second, note their use of the word “recognise”. Read: ego.

Then note the word “encourage”. Read: bribe/control.

Then note “exemplary”. This is the really interesting one. I would not say it is “exemplary” to talk about “violence against women” - why are all politicians so hideously blinkered on this?

We should be talking about violence against everyone. We should be talking about toxic relationships, narcissistic partners of both genders, substance abuse and actually start using some of the funding to make a difference.

Research from the world’s largest research database on intimate partner violence, the Partner Abuse State of Knowledge project includes 1,700 peer-reviewed studies. While research on partner abuse has become fragmented and politicised, PASK brings together evidence-based, transparent, methodical knowledge. Research shows 24 per cent of individuals assaulted by a partner at least once in their lifetime - 23 per cent for females, 19.3 per cent for males. Domestic violence is not, and never should have become a feminist issue. We should be working to end all dv.

It is not “exemplary” to write lies and only write around statistics that suit your narrative for your own financial gain.

The DVI (domestic violence industry) makes me sick.

However, you can bet your bottom Oscar that the majority of the media will be motivated by the lure of a shiny, sparkly award and pat on the back for their contributions to feeding the hungry feminist media machine. Perhaps a lucrative pay rise.

What good does Our Watch actually do? They spin a hefty anti-men agenda and secure funding to ruin lives and perpetuate fear, that’s for sure.

Is it helping?

Shall we ask the men who can’t see their children?

Shall we ask young boys who are asked to sign a pledge to apologise for being male?

Shall we ask the men who turn to substances because they’ve lost all hope?

Shall we ask the men on the brink of taking their own lives because the Family Court is so infested with gender bias?

Oh no, that’s right, we don’t like to give them a voice. Why? Because it doesn’t win awards.

I, for one, am far too honest to do a deal with the devil. So, you can look forward to plenty more uncomfortable truths over the coming year.

Our Watch? Not on my watch.


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