It is not ok to joke about killing men

Posted by on June 28, 2017

This woman doesn’t want equality.



Clementine Ford

 By Corrine Barraclough          

At some point when everyone was busy believing that feminism had something to do with achieving equality, Clementine Ford arrived on a broomstick.

She confidently announced she was here to fix gender inequality and people blindly believed her.

While everyone was so busy virtue signalling that all things fem are fabulous, people stopped noticing our societal moral compass had turned into devil’s horns.

This woman doesn’t want equality. She is on an egotistical power trip of revenge and fools are dancing to her twisted tune. She is the pied piper of hatred wearing a pink pussy hat.

In a copy of her book, ‘Fight Like A Girl’, she wrote a note to a fan. It asked “Have you killed any men today? And if not, why not?”

Read that again.

Now, please explain why this is acceptable when Eddie McGuire was utterly vilified for commenting he’d pay extra if Caroline Wilson stayed under water at the Big Freeze?

To be clear, he didn’t use the word “drown”.

Yet, in black and white, writing about “killing” men is perfectly acceptable?

This is not equality.

People are buying this narrative while pretending to care about the soaring male suicide rate?

When I wrote in an earlier column about the male suicide crisis and the desperate need to take this seriously, regardless of gender, I was slammed as a “misogynist” while hate mail and insults poured in.

Apparently, believing women are not more equal than men quietly left the party when the flaming broomstick arrived.

What is wrong with our politicians?

Why can’t they hear this bias?

Why can’t they see we have taken a horribly wrong turn?

When will they wake up?

Ford gets hate mail because she’s hateful; she winds people up and dances with glee when they bite. She’s had people fired from their jobs and delights in public shaming rather than striving for peace.

This is the face of feminism in Australia?

This is who politicians smile with in order to demonstrate they’re doing the right thing by women?

Who do you think you are fooling?

We stand absolutely zero chance of ending domestic violence or achieving harmony between the sexes if this broomstick is leading the way.



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