Ignoring the Soaring Ice ‘Epidemic’ is Not a Strategy

Posted by on July 21, 2017

Many people who have - or do - use ice don’t like to call it an ‘epidemic’. Why? Because it’s become a way of life. It is not a hysterical, infectious, dramatic surge. It is more ingrained in Australian daily living than polished politicians would have any inkling. It may well, heaven forbid, put them right off their soy latte.

This week I spoke to a girl who started using at the age of 13. “I wanted to fit in, it was cheap and it was right there,” she said. Her explanation was so simple, so heartbreaking – and so totally and utterly tragic.

The Independent reported over the weekend that criminals are turning to children as young as 12 to peddle hard drugs (including heroin, cocaine and ice) in the UK.

The figures are absolutely terrifying. Further information reported in The Independent suggests children as young as eight are getting dragged into an underground world where substances are currency.

This is what makes me furious.

This is the real world where lives are being ruined while elites kick back in their comfy leather chairs and smile smugly over their gushing government funding.

It is harsh, vicious, terrifying and powerful. Yet, prissy politicians want to waste time and hurl money around as if it’s air.

Shocking new figures show the toll that the rising ice ‘epidemic’ is taking on children in Australia.  

In the year until March in Queensland, 782 children who needed protection had at least one parent using ice. Do you see how it doesn’t gender discriminate? Put down your heinous narrative – it’s costing lives and wasting time. Children are living in so-called “ice-corridors” stretching from the Gold Coast to Logan. Do you see how this is the only legitimate conversation we should be having about power?

Child Safety Minister Shannon Fentiman warned that the problem is going to get worse. “The most shocking thing for me was seeing that a lot of these parents with young children are using ice for the first time,” she told Courier Mail. “This is going to be a growing trend for at least the next little while.”

She’s talking about the figure found in Department of Child Safety data released earlier this year. It found 60 per cent of parents had only recently started using the drug and in 57 per cent of cases children were aged under five.”

You want to talk about the “gender pay gap”? I am not interested.

You want to talk about the number of women sitting on boards? I am not interested.

You want to talk about the AFL’s broken “boy’s culture”? I am not interested in your virtue signalling. You are way off the core problems facing our communities.

What I am interested in is why millions and millions of dollars is being poured into a fraudulent gender narrative while genuine strategies to deal with real problems are literally put on ice.

Premier Dan Andrews is continually ignoring advice of medical experts and drug support workers who are pushing for supervised injecting rooms to try to tackle the heroin problem in Victoria. Australian Medical Association, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and Drug and Alcohol Nurses Australasia all confirmed their support, according to the Herald Sun.

Denial? Of course he’s in denial. I wonder when the last time he talked to a recovering addict was?

These absolute goons are all too busy sitting around discussing the repulsive myth of “toxic masculinity” and polishing their white ribbons to have a clue.




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