Hanson Derangement Syndrome: Left-Wing Academics Attack Her Pubic Hairs

Posted by on September 03, 2017

Today there's a madness in Australian politics, and a lot of it seems to come from the university system. For example here's their latest item: it's a new Griffith Review (out of Griffith University) book called Perils of Populism.

The book is basically wall-to-wall Trump derangement syndrome. But there's a chapter here that says a hell of a lot about the hypocrisy of the Left, particularly the left-wing feminists. Where are they? They should be complaining about the things that Michael Winkler has written about One Nation leader, Australian Senator Pauline Hanson. Have a look at what he's said:

"What's the difference between Pauline Hanson and a bucket of sh*t? The bucket" writes Winkler.

He goes onto say things you can't even repeat, they are so abusive.

Is this scholarship? Is this what our academic standards now represent? Sheer abuse?

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