Forty years of lies about domestic violence

Posted by on April 18, 2017

For decades now domestic violence has been in the headlines.  Every week we hear stories of women cowering from violent men. But this is only part of the story.  There are now many decades of international research showing most violence in the home involves women as well as men.

We are being fed a steady stream of misinformation about domestic violence which deliberately distorts the true picture, demonizing men and downplaying women’s role in family violence.

Mark has long been drawing attention to the misleading statistics routinely being published by our key government organisations. Both Miranda and Bettina also write regularly on this subject. Here’s one of Bettina’s recent major articles which sets the record straight about how this major social problem is being misrepresented. Read Article

Veteran campaigner coming to Australia

Forty years ago an important feminist figure was invited to Australia to visit our newly established women’s refuges. Erin Pizzey was the founder of Britain’s first refuge, a woman praised around the world for her pioneering work helping women escape from violence. On the way to Australia Pizzey travelled to New Zealand where she spoke out about her changing views. She’d learnt through dealing with violent women in her own refuge that violence was not a gender issue and that it was important to tackle the complexities of violence to properly address this critical social problem.  

Pizzey had attracted the wrath of the women’s movement in Britain, leading to death threats which forced her for a time to leave the country. “The feminists seized upon domestic violence as the cause they needed to attract more money and supporters at a time when the first flush of enthusiasm for their movement was starting to wane. Domestic violence was perfect for them – the just cause that no one dared challenge. It led to a worldwide million dollar industry, a huge cash cow supporting legions of bureaucrats and policy makers,” said Pizzey.

While speaking in New Zealand Pizzey challenged the gender inequality view of violence, suggesting that tackling violence in the home required dealing with the real roots of violence, like intergeneration exposure to both male and female aggression. News travelled fast. By the time Pizzey was set to leave for the Australian leg of the trip she was persona non grata with the feminists running our refuges. Her visit to this country was cancelled.

But the good news is that Erin Pizzey will be appearing at the International Men’s Issues Conference to be held on the Gold Coast June 9-11 Conference Details. See her speaking at  ICMI conference in London last year. Watch Video

She’s not well enough to travel here but will appear via skype and conduct a Q&A with the Australian audience.

She’s just one of the amazing speakers who promise to make this important event a game-changer. There’s major media interest in this exciting event and Mark, Bettina and Miranda will all be speaking. We’re hoping to meet many of the Outsider’s supporters there so buy your tickets now. Buy Tickets

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