Exposing our anti-male university campuses

Posted by on April 12, 2017

The recent decision by the Union of Students to refuse to allow the Conservative Club to screen Cassie Jaye’s movie The Red Pill is just one more sign of the anti-male culture now controlling Australian campuses. It’s particularly crazy given that Fan-Force is now organizing for this movie to be available across Australia. Buy tickets

In the last year we have seen a number of universities ban male students from singing bawdy songs. Lily-Livered-Universities

There’s a concerted effort underway to promote the idea of a “rape culture” on Australian campuses. We may snigger at the “Yes means Yes” regulations now requiring American college students to give enthusiastic consent every step of the way during sexual activity and the crazy trigger warnings protecting students from being exposed material they may find offensive. But Australia is clearly heading in the same direction. The push is being carefully orchestrated by the usual gender warriors who have already recruited the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission to conduct a survey to provide the evidence they need to claim new regulations need to be in place to protect students.  Campaign of Fear

But the good news is this June a brave Canadian academic is visiting Australia who has long been speaking out about this anti-male culture on American and Canadian campuses. Janice Fiamengo is a professor of English Literature at the University of Ottawa and she’s coming to Australia to speak at the International Conference on Men’s Issues, being held on the Gold Coast, June 9-11.  Conference details

Here she is speaking at last year’s ICMI conference on “What’s Equality got to do with it?” - What it is like to be a young man on a university campus today. Watch video

Janice deconstructs how academic feminism is contributing to the ongoing destruction of Western society. She describes the climate on US college campuses, where a myth is promoted of oppressed and marginalized women, vulnerable in a patriarchal world yet morally superior to men, who somehow deserve special protection and privileges to level the playing field.
Janice exposes the anti-male, anti-nature Marxist narrative permeating women’s and gender studies, which attributes all cultural ills to the evils of masculinity while denying any significant biological basis to gender differences. The victim mentality oozing out of leftist led university classrooms is tied to the introduction of various identity studies in the ‘70s, she says.

She’s a powerful, influential speaker and we are hoping she will receive wide media exposure during her Australian visit. But her presence at the ICMI conference is one more good reason why you should be there for this exciting event. Have a look at her weekly video series, The Fiamengo Files. Watch video


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