Everything's Bigger in Australia (Especially the Elon Musk Con-Job)

Posted by on July 16, 2017

Australia will be home to the latest renewable energy con-job: a big expensive battery created by Elon Musk and paid for by the poor long-suffering South Australian taxpayer. 

Sometimes you here it said “everything’s big in Texas”. Well, I’m saying that if you reckon that, you ain’t been to Australia. We LOVE big things here Down Under.

We’ve got the big banana, the big redback spider, the big lobster, the big pineapple, the big potato, the big penguin, the big Ned Kelly, the big boxing crocodile, the big mango, the big gumboot, the big kangaroo, the big milkshake container, the big beercan, and perhaps my favourite, the big bogan. I love the big bogan, with his beer can and stubbies.

Now we’ve actually got a government in Australia sponsoring more big things.

The South Australian government led by the wild leftie Jay Weatherill has gone after a target of 50% renewable energy.

Now he thinks that a big battery will solve South Australia’s energy problems.  

In reality, the big battery will only add marginal benefit. It’s just another con-job on the poor long-suffering taxpayer.

Australia needs a sustainable, reliable source of power. We’ve got to go nuclear and forget these wild experiments into con-job renewables.

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