Ethnic Ghettoes in Western Sydney: Labor's Chris Bowen Exposed

Posted by on August 06, 2017

Here at Rebel Australia, we tell the truth about multiculturalism, ethnic ghettoes and the problems of people not learning the national language. This of course attracts some flak from the Left-wing media. For example, in April I went out to Fairfield and tried to speak to the people, but a great majority of them could not speak English. And my visit to Fairfield also copped flak from Chris Bowen, who holds this electorate.  

But recently my own visit to Fairfield was backed up by none-other than the ABC! The ABC have put out a report on Fairfield showing some of the realities and difficulties for people living here when they cannot speak the language. 

Yet Chris Bowen appears to be deluded or appears to be telling lies about what is going on in his very own electorate. 

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