DV Awareness campaign denies male suicide

Posted by on June 25, 2017

What colour is the heart that denies our male suicide crisis?

By Corrine Barraclough

Isn’t it amazing when you have your doubts and then, suddenly, someone or something reveals itself to be exactly what you feared?



This weekend, the Red Heart Campaign, which is supposedly all about raising awareness for domestic violence victims, astonishingly revealed its true colours.

This campaign does not have a red heart.

A red heart is full of compassion. It brims with love and a desire for contentment and peace for all. Not one gender – all people.

An alarming piece attempted to shred the credibility of Leith Erikson who runs #21Fathers (Australian Brotherhood of Fathers).

“Everything about the #21fathers brand is so polished, so legitimate that it’s pretty hard to believe it may all be built on rocky foundations,” the piece says. “At its heart, the #21fathers campaign is structured around the premise that most women “fake” domestic violence to “win” in the family court.” It labels the campaign as “downright dangerous” and claims it “builds distrust and hate towards women.”

Please stop.

Whatever colour your heart is, please stop.

I had coffee with Leith, his partner and stepdaughter last week. I learnt that she works full-time to enable him to be able to volunteer several hours a day, seven days a week, to help men in crisis at Family Law Courts because the government refuses to listen.

This is not an imaginary world; this is thorny reality that fierce feminism has created.

I learnt they used family savings to get ABF up and running. They have since used all funds raised by ABF to buy crisis accommodation caravans to put in three states across the country, because there is currently no government funding for men fleeing violent homes.

I learnt that when a man looks you in the eye, with tears in his, you know how much passion and good intention he is investing in helping men.

Yes, he is fiercely emotional, how could he not be?

I felt sick when I read the piece on Saturday.

I spoke to Leith that day. “It’s ok,” he said. “At least they’re talking about the work that we do. They’re welcome to come to court any day and see what we do. There are so many stories I can tell about men on the brink of taking their own lives, I would love them to listen. Why won’t the government listen?”

When I first met Leith a year ago, I asked him about the number 21 and said, “you know they’ll tear you down for that because it’s all they’ve got? Their narrative is false and they will pull you up on that statistic.”

Does it matter if it’s 1000 fathers a week or 17?  

The piece from Red Heart Campaign even states, “ABS death and mortality data does show 3027 Australians took their own lives in 2015. The data shows that six men a day suicide - or 42 men a week.”

So, why are you squabbling over statistics?

What is wrong with you?

Where is your compassion?

We know, without a shadow of doubt that a high percentage of male suicide is connected to relationship breakdown and child custody issues. I keep writing about it, and I, in turn get harassed for speaking the truth too.

This is a giant, grotesque political football. Which politician will stand up and say, “Enough. I will take this on and make a difference”?  

Three questions to the Red Heart Campaign:

  • Do you really believe all women are innocent victims?
  • Do you really believe women should get 100% of funding?
  • Do you really think anyone believes you are striving for good?

This is about money.

Millions and millions of dirty dollars.

Once again, it makes me sick.

I wrote about Phil Hunt in my earlier column - Greedy feminists clutching DV funding are ruining men’s lives.

Phil Hunt was denied any support when he found himself a victim of domestic violence, because he is a man. Funding is solely to assist “women and their children”.


Isn’t it time we asked ourselves: is this really helping?

Or, is this radical feminist narrative spreading fear, hatred and fuelling a hideously divisive agenda?

This anti-men messaging has to stop.

The damage it is causing is immense.

We are not meant to be at war.

We have to start pushing to end ALL DV.

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