Don't Let Them Ban Milo From Australia

Radical anti-free speech extremists are petitioning Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, to deny entry to Milo Yiannopoulos for his upcoming lecture tour.

Milo Yiannopoulos is planning a lecture tour of Australia in early December but anti-free speech extremists want to ban him from the country.

He goes where few public figures dare to go. He criticises lunatic feminists, cultural Marxists, Islamists, and the cowardly politicians, journalists and public commentators who refuse to stand up to these extremists.

And that’s why they hate him.

But now these extremists want to ban Milo from coming to Australia.

They say he should be denied entry because he supported paedophilia in a radio interview. However, he has apologised for his remarks and explains in this video that his comments were a way of coping with the child abuse that he experienced.

He unequivocally condemns paedophilia.

The attempt to ban Milo is not really about his comments for which he has apologised.

The extremists simply want to use this to try to stop someone speaking in Australia who is a powerful critic of everything they hold dear.

They recognise that people like Milo are a threat to the politically correct extremists and the stranglehold that they have on this country.

Don’t let the extremists stop Milo from coming to Australia.

Stand up for free speech!


Peter Dutton must allow Milo Yiannopoulos entry into Australia for his lecture tour.

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