Dear Left, call a spade a spade

Posted by on January 12, 2018


By Corrine Barraclough

Some say it’s a waste of time and energy trying to make sense of blinkered Lefist politics. I still insist it’s important to keep pointing out the bizarre contradictions and expose the warped narrative that is being drip-fed by MSM.

Without getting hung, drawn and quartered, dare I ask why it is only labelled “domestic violence” when a male is the alleged perpetrator?

Headline after headline states, “woman charged with murder”, yet never is the term “domestic violence” used in these cases. Is the truth too inconvenient?

Never does news commentary discuss “domestic violence” when a man is murdered. Does that mess with advertising revenue too much? Does harsh, messy reality confuse the crystal clear agenda?

Actually, where are the news crews? Where is the MSM coverage?

Domestic violence is not a one-way gender issue and pushing a narrative purely to suit your agenda is not honest media reporting.

Last week, a small group of men and women gathered to pay their respects to Scott James Morrison who was allegedly shot and killed by his girlfriend at around 2am after a night of drinking.

Police allege that Mr Morrison was shot in the back after making “belittling remarks”. Paanice Frauline Lawrence’s family claims she was in a violent relationship and had been “pushed too far”.

So do we avoid using the term “domestic violence” when it’s too complicated? Suddenly, the fact that they had been dating for several months becomes irrelevant? Would it equally be reported in the same way if the genders were reversed? Why does MSM avoid using the term “domestic violence” when a man is murdered?

Pay attention to this in MSM reporting and you’ll see the heavily biased gender narrative consistently enforced.

Why are calls for reforms to protect men from domestic violence and a more honest approach to the issue being continually silenced by major parties?

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