Clementine Ford hurls comfortable shoes in name of #metoo

Posted by on January 12, 2018


By Corrine Barraclough

French actress Catherine Deneuve has publicly led a campaign to denounce the #Metoo campaign saying it’s driven by a hatred of men. She, of course, has a point.

Deneuve and 99 other prominent women wrote an open letter saying anti-sexual violence online campaigns had triggered a “boundless wave of purification”. In the letter, published by the French daily Le Monde on Tuesday, the women wrote, “Far from helping women be more autonomous, this feverish urge to send these ‘pigs’ to the abattoir serves the interests of sexual freedom and religious extremists.”


Of course old mate Clementine Ford rolled up her sleeves and waded in knee-deep wearing her comfortable shoes. She made sarky snipes about “men, all of whom are lovely, and passionate, and desire lovely things with a passion”, before angrily flicking her armpit hair. Note: #justkidding #killallmen.


#MeToo movement has gone too far.

It has unleashed hatred against men.

It has failed to recognise any difference between forms of abuse. Yes, there is a difference.

Rape has been thrown under the same hashtag as unwanted advances, which is utterly insulting to anyone with a brain.

#MeToo movement has unveiled what feminism is all about – the endless pursuit of power. Forget equality. Must. Hate. Men.

MSM will throw your name, career and life into the fem-den and walk away to merrily film a biased segment for The Project.

Trial by media will ensure your entire world is hurled upside down, then kicked in the guts with angry comfortable shoes.

“Thank you, contingent of politically conservative yet sexually liberated French women who don’t mind being fondled on the train, for showing me the error of my ways,” writes Ford.

Thankfully, it’s not just French women who are sexually liberated. You will be horrified to hear there are thousands of us, living and breathing all around you.

The problem is, as we all know, relationships have started with advances on trains. Happy marriages have resulted from that male gaze that fem-folk detest so much.

That is the way of the world and you cannot change that no matter how many stinking shoes you hurl into the hateful flames.

One woman’s “pester” is another woman’s welcome advance. And, much as it pains you, you don’t get to decide which way that dice will roll.

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