“I call him my rapist” – problem is YOU are not the law

Posted by on August 08, 2017

For two years, a 27-year-old Sydney journalist says she battled official channels seeking justice after being raped. According to the ABC, “police had lost interest in her case, she believed.”

So she named and shamed the man on social media.

She is being hailed as part of an “underground feminist mafia” of young women trying to take the law into their own hands despite police warnings.

“It’s almost like taking back the power, taking back whatever you can, to put against the systems that isn’t working,” she told ABC. “It’s like a little act of power and resistance.”

But, it’s not.

It’s illegal.

You are not right.

You do not get to call rape and ruin someone’s life. That’s why we have courts and a system. And, yes, we all know it’s not always fair, that’s why there are thousands of good fathers being denied access to their children.

Over the weekend a leftie journalist at The Guardian attempted to stick the boot into criticism of the report into sexual assault on Australian campuses. Which, for the record, included journeys on public transport to and from classes, while harassment included staring.

The Guardian know-it-all wrote, “…those who prefer to throw spurious arguments in their way, I’d refer to former US secretary of state Madeleine Albright. “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”

That is the problem.

That quote is the problem.

You are the problem.

And the biggest part of the problem is that you still don’t see the damage you are doing.

That is not equality.

Not “women”, “PEOPLE”, you fools.

Do you understand the concept of “equality” at all?

Churning out such idiotic gender supremacy is precisely why we now find ourselves in a naming and shaming culture where young women think they deserve special treatment. Every feminist writer is culpable for spreading gender supremacy.   

Australia is not a hunting ground – get real with your narrative.

Women do not deserve special treatment; if two people need help, you don’t necessarily help the woman first. You don’t get to call ‘regret’ rape, you have to go through the court process before you label someone “guilty”, and you don’t get to ruin men’s lives by naming and shaming on social media.

This smug, over-entitled so-called “underground feminist mafia” should be dismantled and thrown in jail. You are breaking the law.


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