2018: no Leftist gags on the media, thanks

Posted by on January 04, 2018


By Corrine Barraclough

As we head into the New Year, it’s a good time to make one thing crystal clear. That is, the Left do not own or steer the entire media voice - and neither should they.

Time after time in 2017, I was told that my beliefs were “unacceptable”. Why? Because I think for myself and am not afraid to challenge the narrative. Apparently that makes me a media pariah. Who knew true equality had become so socially unacceptable?

Guess what? That isn’t going to change in 2018.

New Year doesn’t equals new you if you know you’re heading in the right direction.

Thank god for MLO where honesty is aired, the script is shredded and men actually get a voice. It’s almost as if patriarchy is merely a theory and not fact. Shocking.

Story after story involving male pain and true equality gets knocked back by the gynocentric hugely biased MSM. Doubt that? I can give you a list.

Last year, I wrote about ridiculous walls that fem-folk are trying to build around media restrictions.

Jane Gilmore wrote a transparent piece for SMH which spoke volumes about lefties trying to gag and silence those in the media who dare to challenge their world view. Yes, this is the woman who spends her days altering news headlines to suit her own agenda. Why? Feminism.

“Media outlets don’t just include newspapers and TV any more, and audiences are no longer passive consumers,” Gilmore wrote.

You can almost taste the fear and sense her eyes widening with trepidation. It’s almost as if people are starting to think for themselves – and won’t be brainwashed. The horror.

“It’s no secret that journalism is struggling to connect to loyal audiences and find ways to pay for itself,” she continues.

Isn’t it more a case of people ditching mainstream BS and finding commentators they believe are interested in finding the truth? If MSM refuses to reflect the views of the entire population, of course interest and loyalty will wane.

And newsflash: some writers aren’t here for the money. That may well be at the very dark heart of your problem. Some of us don’t let advertising revenue stand in the way of facts.

“Public protest can be powerful,” she writes. Here we go.

“… if it takes a concerted public demand for change to make that happen, then bring it on,” she says.

How about, NO THANKS?

She continued: “There’s no governing body or industry representative that covers every form of media. Television, radio, newspapers, blogs, online publications, social media platforms, video streaming, freelance writers, newsrooms, hate groups, support groups and online communities are all part of the media and it’s incredibly difficult to reach all of them with a cohesive message.”

Damn the people for thinking for themselves, again.

You don’t control the media.

Damn right there is no “governing body” policing every word.

That’s called free speech.

And thank god there are “freelance writers” who care more about diversity of opinion than you can swaddle into your claustrophobic fem-dictatorship.

The Left’s problem is that they have lost control of the media narrative. Face it, adding Lisa Wilkinson to The Project line-up isn’t magically going to make us all agree with Waleed Aly.

Thank god for MLO, I say. May more people switch over to reality in 2018.

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